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What is an Encore Career?
  • A paid part-time position for individuals age 50 and older designed to meet unmet needs in your community
  • An opportunity to put your experience, passion, skills and talents to work for the greater good of the Cleveland/Cuyahoga Community
  • A new way to re-engage working into your retirement plans
  • A position that allows you to develop new skills and experiences prior to re-entering the workforce
Who is eligible?
  • Retirees and near retirees that want to put their experience to work for their community
  • Residents of Cuyahoga, Stark, and Summit Counties


How many hours per week do Encore employees work?
  • Encore workers earn $10.00 per hour for 15 to 20 hours per week
  • Assignments are three months or more as determined by the agency sponsoring an Encore assignment
What type of careers do Encore employees engage in through this program?

The mission of Encore Cleveland is to channel the time, energy and talents of experienced Clevelanders into solving community challenges and filling unmet needs. Encore Cleveland was launched in 2013 by the Cleveland Foundation, which helps to connect and fund a network of organizations to provide experienced Greater Clevelanders with an array of meaningful opportunities in the common.

Encore careers are designed to have an impact in our communities.  The program draws upon your expertise, passion and talents gained over your career to assist non-profit and government agencies further their missions.  They need your expertise in marketing services, mentoring, program development, fundraising, tutoring and many more areas.

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