About Us

Since 1975, VANTAGE Aging has promoted successful aging by providing programs to support the needs of older adults wishing to age in place and live independently with dignity. Offering state-wide assistance to low-income adults seeking job training employment, our Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) updates job skills for people 55 and older and places them in part-time employment. Retired and senior adults wishing to give back to the community can remain active with RSVP.

Health and wellness are important to the success of aging in place, and our Home Wellness Solutions and Meals on Wheels programs build on that concept by helping homebound and disabled people remain at home by providing home-delivered meals, wellness checks, and assistance with personal and household needs.

Our Mission

Promoting a positive perspective on aging.

Our Vision

Every older adult has the opportunity to live a healthy life and age with independence, purpose and dignity.

Our Purpose

  1. To promote, provide and/or advocate programs and services that will enhance the quality of life of people as they age.
  2. To assist persons in maintaining productive and self-sufficient lives as they age.
  3. To help people avoid premature or inappropriate institutionalization as they age.
  4. To promote independence of individuals as they age.
  5. To help alleviate the problems of poverty among people as they age.
  6. To develop additional services as needed to serve people as they age.

History of Vantage timeline

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