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2016 VANTAGE Aging Gaines, Revenue & Other Support

2016 VANTAGE Aging Gains, Revenue & Other Support

2016 VANTAGE Aging Expenses

2016 VANTAGE Aging Expenses

VANTAGE Aging Locations

VANTAGE Program Location Map


Stats (2016)

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)
  • In 2016, 141 people found work as a result of the training they received in the program
  • 14,830 people utilized our various resource rooms across our 40 county service areas and 14,348 hours of work training were provided to 1,275 mature workers
  • Nonprofits benefited by receiving 692,826 hours of service, allowing them to expand their capacity building efforts to administer their programs

Behavioral Health Solutions

  • Over 70% of our clients surveyed expressed improved functionality as a result of treatment at Behavioral Health Solutions

Meals on Wheels

  • In 2016, Meals on Wheels delivered 213,234 meals to 6,226 home-bound clients
  • In our four congregate dining facilities, our program provides valuable socialization along with a healthy meal, serving 45,486 meals in 2016
  • Meals on Wheels provided over 6,179 hours of training to participants

Home Wellness Solutions

  • A survey administered in 2016 to homecare recipients indicated 99% of customers remained in their own home because of the services they received from Vantage Aging
  • In fiscal year 2016, 16,758 hours of home health aide services and 6,652 hours of homemaker services were provided for 130 customer and 228.75 hours of case management services were provided
  • 326 nurse visits were also provided to customers to provide wellness assistance.
  • An additional 162 clients received 958 hours of chore services

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

  • In 2016 the RSVP program had over 300 volunteers in Summit and Medina Counties, who together provided over 18,245 hours of community service to benefit 13 non-profits
  • When surveyed, 76 respondents agreed that volunteering made a difference in their community and 71 agreed that volunteering with RSVP made them feel like an active part of their community
  • When asked how volunteering makes them feel, 98% of the responses indicated they enjoyed meeting new friends and interesting people

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