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On-the-Job-Experience or OJE at VANTAGE is a contract service provided to employers through SCSEP funding and covers all of the wages and fringes for up to a 12 week training period of an older worker. At the end of SCSEP employee training, employers can simply transfer the worker to payroll and the contract is complete. OJE is designed to offer both the employer and job seeker with the opportunity to ensure the job is a good fit.

How Does On-the-Job Experience Work?

  1. Request a job order online or by calling a local office near you and we will discuss your opening and job skills required.
  2. We will send you a number of potential candidates to interview, and you select the person that is the best fit.
  3. After choosing a candidate, your VANTAGE representative will meet with you to determine the amount of training the employee will require. Average training periods are 4-8 weeks.
  4. A simple, one-page contract is required to establish training and duration.
  5. Once the employee begins working for you, VANTAGE underwrites all wages, taxes, and workers’ compensation costs.
  6. Based on observation and feedback from the employer and employee, the training continues until completion. At the end of the SCSEP employee training, transfer the individual to your payroll and the contract is complete.
  7. Employers may be able to hire up to five employees through the OJE program.

Benefits of the On-the-Job Experience Program

  • Save time and money with identifying and onboarding new job candidates.
  • Enjoy lower employee turnover.
  • Employees can be trained to meet your company’s specific needs.
  • Older workers offer employers strong work ethic, respect, responsibility, wisdom, experience, and integrity.
  • Low risk-High return when choosing and training a prospective employee at no cost to you.

Direct Hire Information

While our On-The-Job Experience program may work well for some employers, it may not meet the needs of every company. If you are looking to directly hire an individual, we can help with that as well. At VANTAGE Workforce Solutions, we have a lot of experience training individuals to be job ready. This means that we have a pool of hardworking trained candidates waiting to interview with you. The process is flexible to meet your needs. We can pre-screen for you or send resumes for you to review. Interviews can be either individual or group and can be at your place or ours. 

To get started, use the map below to select the county where you currently live. Contact information will be based on your location.

If you need additional assistance, please contact our main office at 330-253-4597 or visit our contact us page.

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