Career Pathways

Career Pathways

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Job seekers accelerate skill building by layering applied learning with industry-recognized certifications.

Paid, hands-on learning at community organizations and government agencies paired with industry-recognized certifications add up to skilled workers that help businesses thrive.

Career Pathways

Career pathways match the aspirations of our participants with the in-demand job opportunities of today’s workforce. Targeted learning objectives in each pathway represent the critical skills needed to excel.

Office Administration

  1. Computer competencies in Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Google Drive
  2. Protecting personally identifiable information
  3. Front desk security
  4. Email and phone etiquette
  5. Budget concepts

Health and Social Services

  1. Medical terminology
  2. HIPPA compliance
  3. First aid and CPR certification
  4. Advanced certifications including chemical dependency counselor assistant, state tested nursing assistant, home health aide certification, and pharmacy technician

Food Service

  1. OSHA kitchen standards
  2. ServSafe certifications including food handler, allergens, workplace manager
  3. Advanced cleaning and sanitation
  4. Customer service certification

Customer Service

  1. Effective positive communication
  2. Issue identification and problem-solving
  3. Customer service certification
  4. Microsoft Office and Outlook competency
  5. National Retail Federation Certification

Facility Management

  1. Custodial Technician Certification
  2. Hazardous material handling
  3. OSHA janitorial standards
  4. Inventory management
  5. Forklift operator

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