Encore Spotlight: Back on the Job

John Anderson loves working with Encore Staffing Network and says his assignments have been some of the most fun he’s ever had on a job. And he’s had a lot of interesting jobs – as a newspaper writer, a magazine editor, an entrepreneur, and a novelist. He is always interested in learning new skills and trying new things.

A division of VANTAGE Aging, the Encore Staffing Network specializes in connecting experienced professionals to meaningful work in Greater Cleveland. Older adults and retirees looking to use their experience and skills can find a variety of flexible, paid positions through Encore. Small to mid-sized businesses benefit from a pool of qualified and motivated candidates.

John’s story

After joining the Encore program, John worked in a short-term tutoring project in the Cleveland Public Schools in the spring of 2018. He loved working with the third and fourth grade kids and began to wish that he had pursued a teaching career as a young man.

His current Encore position is with University Circle Inc., where he manages one of the two Visitor Centers one day each week. He welcomes visitors and loves meeting people from around town and around the world and discussing the circle, the Cleveland area, and U.S. politics. He coordinates with ambassadors to escort those visitors who request them and provides maps and information on the cultural and educational institutions throughout the circle and beyond. 

John’s supervisor, Becky Voldrich, says, “University Circle Inc. is fortunate to have John as a Guest Services Specialist at the University Circle Visitor and Circle Living Center. He is a knowledgeable, welcoming presence for our visitors, and he tells fantastic stories!”

Due to the pandemic, the Visitor Center was closed from mid-March to early October. John didn’t waste time fretting about the shutdown, but instead went right to work writing another book, The Gift in a Box of Darkness: A story of love, loss, and Acceptance. It and many of his other books are available on Amazon and other online sites, published under the name JC Anderson.

How to get involved with Encore

Are you a retiree interested in finding a work experience in the Greater Cleveland area? Encore staffing experts can help you find an opportunity that matches your experience, goals, and income expectations. Find a job or submit a resume online, or contact 216-361-9750 to learn more.

If you own or manage a business in Greater Cleveland, Encore can help you fill open positions and grow your company. Encore also helps with most employer responsibilities, so you can focus on what matters most. Request candidates online or contact 216-361-9750 for more information.

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