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Encore Staffing Network combines the power of 28 years as a staffing agency with the innovation behind the Encore movement and specializes in placing older workers in jobs for the greater good.

Encore Cleveland was launched by the Cleveland Foundation in 2013. Encore Staffing Network is a key catalyst for Encore Cleveland and VANTAGE Aging in the development of a social enterprise network. We empower both job seekers and employers with the tools and resources they need to succeed and work. Profits from Encore Staffing Network are reinvested into the mission of VANTAGE Aging.

Program Specifics:

  • We specialize in placing older adults near or at retirement age (50 and older)
  • Assistance available to for-profit organizations of all sizes and we can also meet the unique needs of nonprofit and government agencies

For-Profit Specifications

  • Simple: A traditional staffing model providing placement for full and part-time employment.
  • Temporary-to-Hire: Provides employee and employer the opportunity to determine they are a good fit for each other prior to making an important, final hiring decision.
  • Temporary/Contract Employees: Provides flexibility for specific, short or long-term assignments. We can help employers meet production deadlines, cover health leaves or complete special projects, and give employees the timelines that best fit their needs.
  • Direct Placement: Provides the recruitment and hiring process to place an employee in permanent positions, just like a traditional employment agency.
  • Pay Rolling: Allows employers to spend more time developing their business and less time on administrative functions for contract employees.
  • Step-Down Retirement: Employers can prevent the loss of institutional knowledge by having us payroll your valuable retirees for special projects or other duties.

Non-Profit and/or Government Specifications

  • Part-Time, Professional Help: Focusing on the advantages of Encore Careers, our professionals are at or near retirement, who possess a powerful source of talent and accumulated skills, experience, and wisdom and place them in part-time positions (up to 24 hours per week) to help address a community’s most urgent needs.
  • Capacity Building: Encore employees can use their skills to assist agencies with capacity building positions such as fundraising, program development, marketing, and finance.
  • Direct Service Assistance: Professionals are available to assist with direct services positions such as tutoring, mentoring or another intergenerational programming.
  • Supplement Retirement Plans: Placement can provide a new way for professionals to re-engage working into their retirement plans.
  • Affordable: Employers receive a high value at a moderate cost and can select from a roster of highly qualified individuals. Employees receive a modest salary and the bonus of knowing they are making a difference in the communities they serve.

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