National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Did you know that there is an entire day designated to showing appreciation for the hard work and endlessly important job that is law enforcement? In 2015, several organizations collaborated to create this day, set aside specifically for law enforcement recognition. After the busy holiday season, it is important to reflect on those in our communities who work to keep those communities and their residents safe – from medical staff to emergency services, so many work in tandem with law enforcement to accomplish this mission. And this year, this Sunday, January 9, 2022, is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!

On this day, it is important to reach out to those law enforcement officers in your life and community and thank them for everything they do – from investigations to interrogations, community wellness checks to issuing tickets to kids in neighborhoods celebrating good behavior over unsavory actions, the duties of police officers are seemingly endless and go beyond what we may imagine when we think of police. While many may wish to have jobs that didn’t do the same thing every day, law enforcement is a truly unpredictable occupation! No two days are the same for police officers, and it is this uncertainty, yet willingness and drive to help, that drives their profession. Law enforcement can be a pretty thankless job, so it is important to recognize them as often as possible, and we have a few ideas of things you can do!

How to support law enforcement officers in your neighborhood for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day:

  • Wear blue. For so many, “backing the blue” is a part of every day life. Wearing blue shows your support for police officers and all that they do. From shirts to ribbons, there are many ways to don a little blue to show your support.
  • Send cards to law enforcement officers in your area. We all love getting little pick-me-ups in the form of cards (Hallmark to handmade, they all mean so much!), so spread those good feelings to the law enforcement officers who serve your communities. If you have children in your life, let them help make the cards also to help instill the messages of showing appreciation at a young age!
  • Use your voice! Spread good news about police officers you know, say “thank you” to them out loud, sit down and talk to an officer about her/his experience and learn from them. There are so many ways you can personally advocate for police officers, and this day is a good one to start!
  • Shine a light in support, literally! Project Blue Light is a nationwide movement to show support for law enforcement. Replace your porch light with a blue light bulb and join others across the country by leaving it on all day and night, lighting up a beacon of support into your community.
  • If you are a regular blood donor, find a Blue Blood Drive in your area to donate in honor of law enforcement. Your donation goes far to help blood recipients in your area.
  • Create a local StoryCorps project! Ask local law enforcement for their stories, backgrounds, life lessons, etc, and keep the recordings for future generations of officers and those who love them. This is a great way to learn about and appreciate the lives and work of your local law enforcement.

There are so many ways to show your appreciation for police officers and their contributions, both at home and around the country, for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We here at VANTAGE Aging know the importance of safe communities for all citizens and appreciate the hardworking and honorable women and men who patrol the streets, provide necessary wellness check-ins on seniors and others in need, and pave the way for future generations of community helpers in our service areas.

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