Programs and Senior Counseling Services

We specialize in mental health and addiction treatment for older adults, age 50 and older. Receive the help and encouragement you need to successfully meet your recovery goals with our senior counseling services.

Mental Health Services

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services

Prevention Programs

Prevention programs can be held at your senior living building, church, or group to help older adults in your community live healthy, active, and fulfilling lives. Contact us at 330-253-4597 to schedule your class.

Brown Bag Medication Review

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The Brown Bag Medication Review Program helps older adults understand their medication regimen and avoid taking medications they don’t need. A pharmacist will speak one-on-one with each person to review their prescription and over-the-counter medications and address concerns about their medication routine.

There is a presentation on wraparound services, including Behavioral Health Solutions, Home Wellness Solutions, Meals on Wheels, RSVP volunteer program, and Workforce Solutions.

Feel Good Bingo

Learn about depression through a fun game of BINGO. This entertaining game teaches older adults about the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for depression. We screen for depression as well as other behavioral health disorders, including bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Refreshments, door prizes, and giveaways are provided.

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Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management

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Learn how to safely and effectively manage your chronic disease through strategies and techniques pertaining to exercise, strengthening and flexibility, managing medications, communication with family, friends, and doctors, nutrition, decision making, and evaluating new treatments.

These strategies can delay health deterioration, improve function, and address the problems that people confront in their everyday lives. The 2-1/2 classes are held once a week for 6 weeks and are highly participative. Support and success are utilized to build confidence in your ability to manage your health and maintain an active and happy life.

In addition, we also provide a Diabetes Self-management workshop to help older adults understand the signs of diabetes and effectively manage their symptoms for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Matter of Balance

VANTAGE Aging brought “A Matter of Balance,” an evidence-based fall prevention program approved by AoA and NCOA, to our homebound clients as a new program in 2016.

Funded by Direction Home Akron Canton Area Agency on Aging & Disabilities and in partnership with Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, this is part of a state-wide initiative to address the growing issue of fall-related injury among older adults in Ohio. We provide the program during home visits and to community groups around Summit County. 

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