6 Reasons Why an Age Diverse Workplace is Important

Diversity is a growing topic when it comes to improving work environments. While we tend to focus on gender and ethnicity when we talk about diversity, another factor to diversification is age.

Age diversity is an important piece of an inclusive and effective workplace. Since the average workplace now includes members of at least four generations, companies that embrace all ages are more likely to succeed.

What is an age diverse workplace?

Age diversity is an acceptance of different ages in a professional environment. Companies can take measures to adjust to an aging population and prevent ageism in the workplace.

Taking age diversity a step further, businesses can work towards becoming age smart employers by using strategic practices to hire and retain valuable workers age 50 and older. By creating an age diverse workplace, employers encourage a productive and inclusive work culture.

Reasons why an age diverse workplace is important

Implementing age diverse strategies at your business can significantly improve your business. Here are six reasons why an age diverse workplace is important for employers of all sizes.

1. Age diversity improves performance

Studies show that an age diverse workplace improves the overall performance of a company. Want to increase productivity? Create mixed-age work teams at your organization when groups are involved in complex decision-making tasks.

2. It can reduce employee turnover

High employee turnover can be costly and damaging to morale. Age diversity improves employee turnover rates, meaning more skilled and experienced employees at your business. Employees age 55 and older also contribute to lower employee turnover and tend to be loyal workers.

3. It drives innovation

An age diverse workplace means a variety of experiences and points of view. Different perspectives can become a source of innovation. By pulling the various strengths of all your employees together, your company will foster creative and forward-thinking ideas.

4. It offers a variety of skillsets

Each generation brings its own unique skillsets to your business. For example, while younger employees may have a tighter grasp on technology, older workers may have strong interpersonal skills. Combining these talents in an age diverse workplace strengthens your company as a whole.

5. It provides traditional business skills

Hiring older workers provides your company with traditional business skills that help you reach different types of customers more effectively. An older worker with tried and true business techniques may have more experience with customers who prefer traditional forms of contact.

6. It offers a mentorship platform

Age diverse workplaces encourage mentoring. Older workers can use their years of experience in the workforce to teach younger employees the ropes. And, younger employees can teach new technology or industry-related skills to older workers. When a company values continued learning and skill building, employees of all ages have the opportunity to teach.

Hiring experienced workers

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