9 Certifications That Can Lead to Well-paying Jobs

Are you stressed over job searching? Unsure of what kind of job you want to pursue or whether you’re qualified for the positions you’re applying for? A professional certification could be the answer to finding and landing the opportunity you want.

Professional certificates help you learn new skills and gain an edge over the competition. By adding certificates to your resume, you improve your chances of getting called for an interview and hired.

Professional certifications, What are they?

Professional certifications show that you have the knowledge and skills to perform a specific job. Certificates are a way to prove that you are trained and qualified to be successful to employers.

There are many different kinds of certifications. It may take a few months to a couple of years to earn a certificate, which is much faster than traditional degree programs. Choosing to pursue a professional certificate can help you find a well-paying job or change your career.

Are you thinking of earning a professional certification? Here are some common certificates that can accelerate your career goals.

Certifications that can lead to well-paying jobs

You don’t need a four-year degree to land a well-paying job. If you are looking to re-enter the workforce, consider earning an industry-recognized certification to boost your marketability to employers.

Earning a professional certificate can refresh and update your skills. Here are nine job certificate programs that can lead to well-paying jobs.

1. Office administration

An administrative professional certification focuses on business skills such as writing, communications, and math. You may work in general office administration, or at a medical or legal office.

Most office administration certificates can be completed in less than one year. While earning your certificate, you will learn things such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Google tools. You will also work with data processing, record management, and customer service. Good email and phone etiquette are important, as well as organizational skills.

2. Food service

A lot goes into operating an effective kitchen. Do you enjoy working with food and people in a fast-paced environment? A food service certification could help you rise to the top in a kitchen setting.

This certificate will teach you about customer service, cleaning and sanitation, safe food handling and allergens, food service software, and OSHA kitchen standards. Mastering these topics will help you earn a higher paying role in the food service industry.

3. Customer service

Whether you are seasoned in customer service or new to the industry, a certificate can help advance your career to a higher paying position and open up new opportunities. With a customer service professional certificate, you will learn effective communication, problem solving, customer service, related software, and promoting a customer-driven atmosphere.

4. Facility management

Do you like the idea of maintaining a company’s buildings and equipment? Facility management is all about making sure a facility is functional, comfortable, safe, and effective. The job requires you to be good at working with people, as well as integrating processes and technology.

If you chose to earn a certificate in facility management, you will learn about custodial and janitorial standards, hazardous material handling, inventory management, and how to operate a forklift. These skills will help you improve the quality of the working environment and productivity.

5. Medical coder

A medical coding certification can pay off for those interested in educational opportunities. As healthcare organizations continue to need qualified people to communicate medical content, the demand for medical coders is rising.

Medical coders type detailed reports on procedures and bill the insurance company for the amount owed to medical offices.

To become a medical coder, you need a high school diploma or equivalent and a medical coding certification through the AAPC. You will need to take specific training programs to learn how to use the software. It also helps to have an understanding of health records, managing databases, and medical terminology.

6. Real estate broker

To become a real estate broker, you will need to take some courses and tests to earn a certification. Certifications vary by state, and you can find programs both online and in-class.

Real estate brokers earn a living by selling houses and filling out paperwork for transactions. They guide individuals through the buying and selling process. You will need flexible hours and good communication skills.

7. Website developer

Do you have a knack for technology? Website coders and developers create and design websites for companies, marketing firms, and anyone else who might need a website.

You can earn a website developer certification in about two years. It’s good to continually educate yourself on website development as technology changes.

8. Building inspector

Building inspectors check buildings to make sure that the structures meet required codes and regulations. You can earn a certificate or an associate’s degree to start your career as a building inspector.

9. Court reporter

Interested in the law? Court reporters transcribe legal proceedings word for word. You will likely work in a court or legislature office. Having some typing skills is definitely a must before you set off for your certification in court reporting.

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