Grow Your Organization as a SCSEP Host Site: U.S.S.A., Inc., Adult Day Center’s Story

Finding quality workers is never easy – especially as a community-based organization. What if you could train individuals on necessary skills before paying the high costs of hiring? As a SCSEP Host Site, you can!

The Senior Community Service Employment Program, or SCSEP, provides paid, on-the-job training to job seekers 55 and older. By resolving barriers to employment and partnering with employers in need of quality workers, SCSEP encourages older adults to reach financial independence by filling gaps in today’s workforce. VANTAGE Workforce Solutions operates the SCSEP program in 38 Ohio counties.

Many organizations are choosing to train SCSEP participants as part of their hiring process. By doing so, host site organizations can train individuals who want to work on the skills they need to succeed. A huge benefit of the program is that VANTAGE absorbs payroll-related costs during the training period.

The Adult Day Center

One SCSEP host site is United Scioto Senior Activities, Adult Day Center. The Center is the focal point for services for older adults in Scioto County, Ohio. Its mission is to provide cost-effective supportive social services to the older population of Scioto County that allows senior citizens to remain at home and engaged in the community.

The Adult Day Center is one of multiple departments within the United Scioto Senior Activities Center in Portsmouth, Ohio. At the time of writing, the Adult Day Center has been operating for nearly 21 years.

The Adult Day Center facilitates a variety of daytime activities for its clients. Its goal is to help older adults remain in their own homes and avoid nursing home stays. The Center’s social model creates a safe and engaging environment and provides family caregivers a break from the responsibilities of caring for a loved one.

For 6 years, the Adult Day program was a part of a local hospital.  When the hospital needed to eliminate the program, United Scioto Senior Center saw value in daytime activities for seniors and wanted to help. Because of the Senior Center’s mission and physical location, it made sense that it continued the Adult Day Program. 

Partnering with VANTAGE Workforce Solutions

The Adult Day Center works with VANTAGE Workforce Solutions to train individuals participating in the SCSEP program. Adult Day Coordinator Jamie Williams has seen success with hosting SCSEP participants.

“United Scioto Senior Activities, Inc. Adult Day Center takes pride in the care given to our senior clients,” said Jamie. “Partnering with local agencies such as VANTAGE Workforce Solutions allows us to train potential employees at our Center while receiving extra hands-on assistance. Through our years of partnership, we have hired two current employees through the training program. This program is a great asset to our community and our center.” ‘It is a win/win situation.’

On-the-Job Training

Participants in the SCSEP program receive paid, on-the-job training at the organizations they are placed at, called host sites. Training is beneficial to both job seekers and employers who want to train individuals before committing to a hire.

At the Adult Day Center, SCSEP participants assist with activities such as bingo, sing-alongs, and crafts. They also help move clients from one room to another, wash dishes, assist clients with tasks, and engage with clients’ family members.

Training at the Center is hands on. Every team member has the same wide range of responsibilities.  

Staff members, SCSEP participants, clients, and their family members build relationships with one another. For this reason, it is important to the Center that all team members can work together cohesively.

Jamie said, “When we have a position available, it can be difficult to find the right person to fit in our intimate setting. Onboarding SCSEP participants made the transition from training to employee easy.”

Why non-profits should consider becoming a host site

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is based on a partnership between VANTAGE Workforce Solutions and host sites. 50(c)(3) nonprofit agencies, community-based organizations, and governmental agencies that are willing to provide realistic job training can be host sites.

Host agencies train SCSEP participants to be valuable workers. VANTAGE pays the participant’s wages and associated payroll benefits.

Here are just a few benefits of becoming a host agency:

  • Increase your ability to deliver community services with a larger workforce, at no cost to you.
  • Demonstrate community collaboration and leverage community resources as a VANTAGE Workforce Solutions partner.
  • Receive the benefits associated with hiring an older workforce, including strong work ethic, respect, responsibility, wisdom, experience, and integrity.
  • Gain the satisfaction of helping participants develop new skills and experiences needed to transition to unsubsidized employment.

Are you interested in becoming a host site? Look on this map to find contact information for the Ohio County your organization is located in! Or, call VANTAGE’s headquarters at 330-253-4597 for more details.

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