7 Things to Consider When Looking for Temporary Work

An often-overlooked type of job is temporary work. A short-term position can lead to new opportunities that you might not have thought about.

If you are an older adult looking to get back into the workforce, a temporary job could help get your foot in the door.

Consider this when looking for temporary work

A temporary or seasonal position has many benefits for  older adults looking for work . While it may not be the last stop on your career journey, it can be a valuable stepping stone that leads to exciting new opportunities.

Here are seven things to think about when looking for temporary work.

You gain experience

If you have a career goal but can’t seem to land the perfect job, you may need to gain some experience. A temporary job is a great option to build your skillset if you are changing careers or have been out of the workforce.

Search for temporary positions that match your long-term goals. Common industries that often have temporary jobs available include office, professional, healthcare, and retail.

You might land permanent employment

Sometimes, temporary positions can turn into full-time or permanent jobs. For the best chance at transforming the position into ongoing, prove to your employer that you are skilled, professional, and willing to grow.

You and your employer must have the same expectations for your position. Have open communications about your goals both during the interview and while working the job.

You gain references and grow your network

Sometimes with job searching, it’s about who you know. A temporary job allows you to gain professional references that will be helpful when applying for permanent jobs later on. Professional references, such as supervisors and co-workers, can vouch for your skills and character.

You also meet people who may have relationships with other companies. You may hear of an opportunity or be referred by someone at your temporary work.

Most employers who hire someone temporarily want you to succeed after your assignment is complete. They may help you move on to your next step after you are finished with the temporary position.

You have something to do

As the cooler months approach us and we continue to social distance, you might be feeling a little bored. Options for activities become smaller, but one way to fill your time may be to pick up a temporary job.

Apply for temporary jobs that fit into your interests so that it does not feel like a chore. Remember, just because you are temporarily working for something to do, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the job seriously. Be sure you are professional and following your supervisor’s instructions.

You earn extra cash

An extra stream of income can go a long way. Whether you have big plans for the holidays, want to pay off a debt, or are planning an expensive trip, a temporary job can help you reach your financial goals.

You can build on a hobby or interest

Looking for new ways to engage in a passion? A bonus of a temporary job is that you can build on your interests while earning money.

For example, if you enjoy teaching children, you might temporarily work at a daycare or school. Or, if you enjoy being around animals, you might find short-term work at your local zoo. Many options for temporary work could match with things you enjoy.

You might be able to work from home

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay safe and social distance. Luckily, if you are looking for temporary work, you may be able to find a remote position. Jobs such as personal assistants and customer service can be done from home.

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