Here’s Why Our Communities Need Home Wellness Programs for Seniors

Aging comes with challenges that can make some daily tasks difficult. But with small supports from home wellness providers and home wellness programs for seniors, older adults are able to stay independent in their own homes longer.

VANTAGE Home Wellness Solutions client Roosevelt is 75 years old and lives in a senior building. He received services from VANTAGE Aging for nearly a decade.

Roosevelt found that as he got older, daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking had become harder. He is not comfortable with using the stove because he has developed poor eyesight. And rheumatoid arthritis makes it difficult to bend over and clean.

Physical barriers do not stop Roosevelt from aging where he wants to, in his own way. With small supports, he is able to stay in his own home and maintain his independence.

Throughout the week,  VANTAGE  staff comes to Roosevelt’s home to help him with different tasks around the house that have become difficult for him to do on his own. Team members do routine cleaning and cook him meals.

“I’d really be in a pickle if I didn’t have services from VANTAGE,” said Roosevelt. “The workers are all really good. It’s wonderful.”

Help seniors like Roosevelt by supporting our Home Wellness Program. Vantage Aging is a nonprofit that provides small supports such as house cleaning and personal care to help seniors age in place at home..

Aging in place with home wellness programs for seniors

Roosevelt is just one of many older adults who wishes to maintain their independence. 98% of seniors in Summit County want to age in place at home. However, local funding cuts have shrunk resources for senior home wellness.

Home wellness programs provide services such as house cleaning, personal care, running errands, and preparing meals that help older adults avoid going into a nursing home prematurely.

The stabilizing effect of in-home assistance, coupled with wellness and fall-prevention initiatives, contributes not only to our homebound and hidden aging neighbors, but to the community by providing a viable Medicaid diversion program which in turn saves the State and taxpayers millions of dollars.

The home wellness model for aging in place saves everyone dollars. The average cost of VANTAGE Home Wellness Solutions is about $2,000 per person per year, compared to nursing home costs of $90,000. With such a staggering difference, it is easy to see how even individuals with resources can quickly run out of funds.

For those who need a higher level of care, nursing homes are necessary and beneficial. However, if a senior can be provided with a small amount of support to stay in their home affordably and safely through Vantage, Direction Home, or other aging resources, the entire community benefits.

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