Meals on Wheels of Northeast Ohio Dedicates Kitchen to the Neil Family After Generous Donation

Akron, OH (March 1, 2021) – Meals on Wheels of Northeast Ohio, a program of VANTAGE Aging, will name its Massillon-based kitchen the “Neil Family Kitchen”. The dedication honors a generous and everlasting gift donated by Sue Neil and Scott Neil.

Sue, who was quite moved by an article she read in The Alliance Review in December regarding the loss of funding the organization had suffered, mainly due to the pandemic. Sue spoke to her husband, Scott, about the possibility of making a donation to MOWNEO. Sue stated that her motivation was the fact that both her grandfather and her mother have been recipients of food from people who deliver Meals on Wheels and that her family was very thankful for the service.

“I was saddened when I learned that the elderly who rely on MOWNEO, did not receive holiday meals for Thanksgiving or Christmas”, Sue stated. Sue went on to say that she feels the elderly are sometimes forgotten, especially those that are not able to shop for their own groceries, get out to go to food banks, or who don’t have family members to help them.

“Scott and I have been blessed in many ways, and we wanted to pay it forward to an organization that we felt would take care of the elderly. I knew in my heart that this was an organization that could benefit to continue to drop off meals and make important wellness checks on our aging community during these challenging times.”

These have been uncertain and hard times for so many. Meals on Wheels of Northeast Ohio has experienced changes through the duration of the pandemic, but the community has pulled together to ensure services continue for seniors in need of nutritional support.

People like Sue and Scott Neil remind us of what life is about. Through their generous donation, the Neil’s generosity has demonstrated the impact of giving and taking care of those most in need during hard times.

“We are forever grateful for the gift Sue and Scott Neil have given to the Meals on Wheels program,” said VANTAGE Aging CEO Ted Watko. “It truly has been amazing to see community members, and especially individuals like the Neil’s, step up to ensure our most vulnerable population is not forgotten. By naming our agency’s kitchen after the Neil family, we hope to ensure that they have an everlasting legacy in our organization.”

Last year Meals on Wheel of Northeast Ohio served over 509 thousand meals to the ones in need. Many individuals struggle with food insecurity in our tri-county service area and rely on food services, such as MOWNEO, for nutrition. This is why MOWNEO will continue to promise to be more than just a meal to our community in need. MOWNEO will continue to be a helping hand, daily check in, and a forever advocate for our seniors needing a nutritious and warm home cooked meal.

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