No Shave November

As leaves turn from greens into shades of orange and red and the sun sets a little earlier each night, we find ourselves settling into November. And, if you’re like many around us, you start hearing of “No Shave November.” What exactly is No Shave November, and why should anyone participate?  

No Shave November is a movement designated to open up the conversation about cancer by not shaving for the entire month. No shaving. No grooming. Just simply letting beards, mustaches, and even body hair grow with wild abandon – all while donating the money that they would have spent on grooming to cancer research.

Why hair? Simple – hair is one of the first things those undergoing cancer treatment lose. By letting your hair grow, you are embracing one of the only things you can control. Shaving is a voluntary act of personal care, so not shaving is your way of getting involved and showing support for those who don’t have a choice, those who lose their hair – or their lives – to cancer.

Men and women, young and old, all can participate in No Shave November. What once started as a cause for men’s cancer research has evolved into an overwhelming movement for support for all types of cancer. Cancer doesn’t discriminate, so awareness and educational opportunities are also open to all who wish to join the cause.

It doesn’t stop at not shaving and donating, though. Participants agree to have open and honest educational conversations about cancer and cancer research. With the numerous difficult conversations you can find yourself in – from politics to the pandemic – conversations around cancer can be really enlightening to have. It seems everyone knows someone who has had their lives touched by cancer. Opening up dialogues about cancer, raising awareness to everything from signs to prognosis to remission, helps empower others. The No Shave November organization ( showcases charities who are involved with their mission as well as tips on participation and fundraising opportunities. They also provide free information and services to cancer patients and those who care for them. They’re more than just a beard!

Participation can happen at any time in November – even though it’s after the first, you can still join the ranks of millions who are on a mission to raise awareness for cancer and money for cancer research. Don’t have the money to donate? No problem. Drop your razor, let that stubble grow, and when others notice that glorious hair you haven’t been trimming, simply tell them why you’re helping out an amazing cause. Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to spread awareness of any cause – and imagining a world without cancer is a cause we think everyone can get behind.

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