What’s Poppin’? National Popcorn Day is January 19!

The smell of buttery, fresh-popped goodness fills your nose as you scan the stadium for your seats. Or settle into a plush, soft movie theatre lounger. Or grab the remote and plop down onto your couch after a long day. Or…well…you get the idea. Popcorn has been a snack staple across many different avenues of entertainment, and with good reason! Popcorn is one of the least expensive, easily customizable, and extremely portable snacks around. It is truly fun for everyone, and there are many ways to enjoy it. In fact, there are recipes for everything from making popcorn fun in the kitchen with kids to good-for-you options that you can easily make at home. There is truly nothing you cannot do with popcorn!

Fortunately for us here in Northeast Ohio, there is a company that exists solely to create amazing popcorn flavors and combinations for us all to enjoy, all year! NomNom Popcorn – with three locations around Stark County –  offers something for every craving when it comes to popcorn. With over 40 flavors on their menu, ranging from basic, delicious butter to sweet, decadent cotton candy to delightful, unforgettable fried pickles and ranch, NomNom gets pretty adventurous when it comes to something as simply delicious and versatile as popcorn, and that is the secret of their success. Not local to Northeast Ohio? That’s totally fine! They offer online ordering as well! And, with every bag, you get a pup-friendly bag to share with the canines in your life! Great flavor creations for you, and a healthy, delicious treat for Fido! That is a win-win with us.

There are plenty of activities you can do with popcorn to have a little fun. String up some freshly popped kernels and hang it from trees outside for the birds to enjoy. Grab a few kitchen staples and follow this recipe to make popcorn balls. Did you know that popcorn has more iron than eggs and spinach? It also has more fiber than potato chips! It’s true! So, not only can you create a myriad of flavor adventures with the snack that ranks number one in the US, but it is actually good for you as well! Popcorn is so versatile, it is easy to see why it gets its very own day of celebration.

With the new year upon us, there is no better time than now to treat yourself, and with National Popcorn Day, you are guaranteed to have a good time. It’s hard to be in a bad mood with a bag of popcorn in your hands! No matter how you choose to celebrate on January 19 (or any day, really, as there is no bad time for popcorn), we hope you pick up your favorites, grab a comfy, warm spot to sit, and dive into a bowl (or bag!) of your favorite delicious treat. And don’t forget to check out NomNom Popcorn on Facebook for their special Popcorn Day sale, featuring 25% off all bagged sizes of popcorn and free bags of fan-favorite Movie Butter Popcorn for kids 12 and under. It’s a deal you definitely do not want to miss. Happy popping!

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