International Volunteer Day 2022: Volunteer Now for Our Common Future

You may not know it, but the United Nations (UN) marks every December 5 as a day to recognize the work of all volunteers around the globe. International Volunteer Day is a day to promote the work and efforts of volunteers everywhere, and every year has a theme. The theme of this year is Volunteer Now for Our Common Future. What does that mean?

A common future is one where people come together to solve problems and get involved with the work that needs done for successful communities. A common future is one that is better, safer, and more abundant for all generations, both present and future. This mean that now, more than ever, the work of volunteers – those who give of their time and talent to causes, individuals, and organizations they believe in – is so important to help us all build a better future, together. A common future is one that is equal, inclusive, and more prosperous. And building that future is something we all can be a part of, no matter who or where we are.

VANTAGE Aging believes in the mission of our volunteers to do their part to help build that bright common future in their communities. From delivering meals and wellness checks with Meals on Wheels of Northeast Ohio to helping food pantries track inventory, calling homebound neighbors to check in, and lending a hand and watchful eye to the well-being of local parks with AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP, there is no shortage of opportunities to give back right here in the umbrella of services VANTAGE Aging provides.

This Sunday, December 5, spend some time reflecting on all of the organizations in your community that rely on volunteers for their success – some may even surprise you. Envision a common future you would want to be a part of; does that future include a need to give back? Consider reaching out and beginning a rewarding and exciting adventure as a volunteer. It was once said that no one goes broke by giving back, and we believe that not only will you not go broke, but you will enrich your life, and the lives of those around you, beyond even your own wildest imagination. That kind of wealth – the kind that doesn’t involve money – is the wealth that you can bring as a volunteer in your communities. That wealth builds more than a common future – it builds a legacy that can be spread around and passed down for generations to come.

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