Hey, Grandma! You’re Gorgeous!

Gorgeous gorgeous grandmas live gorgeous gorgeous lives!

Grandmas of the world, listen up! No matter if you are a grandma biologically to children of all ages or the kids in your life see you as a grandma in theirs, we have some good news for you!

When is the last time someone told you that you are gorgeous?
When is the last time you felt gorgeous?
When is the last time you did something just for you that made you feel empowered, accomplished, or celebrated who you are?
When is the last time you tried something new that made you feel just so dang good?

Well, mark July 23 on your calendars, friends because that is National Gorgeous Grandma Day!

In 1984, radio host Alice Solomon created Gorgeous Grandma Day to honor women of a certain age, whether they were grandmas or not. This was to celebrate not only the beautiful appearance of grandmas and nanas on the outside, but to shine a light on the contributions of the matriarchs in families and communities to the world around them. For decades, many saw getting older as a sign that their best years were over, but for so many women, getting older is a chance to reclaim their lives, to start something new, and a new outlook on life comes with adding up those candles on a birthday cake.

There are many ways to celebrate the grandmas in your life this July 23, including:

  • Present her with a “Gorgeous Grandma” certificate.
  • Writing Grandma a letter telling her why you think she’s gorgeous, what she does that has inspired you, lessons she has taught you, and any other ways her gorgeous self has influenced your life.
  • Put together a recipe book of dishes she has made, she has taught you to make, or spins on her old classics and give it to her to have a record of her contributions in your kitchen!
  • Spend time with her. Does she like getting her nails done? Manicures on you! Is she a hiker? Hit the trail! There are many ways you can spend time in meaningful ways with the grandmas in your life.
  • Tell the world about her! Use the hashtag #GorgeousGrandma to post memories, fun stories, and even photo galleries to honor her that your family can share as well. Even better if you then print it out for her and give it to her to keep, so she can remember all of the ways the people in her life have been touched by her.
  • Does Grandma give good advice? Is she always impart wisdom upon whomever will listen? Create a list of her best and most often used pieces of advice and make a collage out of them to give to her while making copies for the other grandchildren in her life. This allows others to enjoy the beauty of her words while taking her lessons to heart in a new and creative way.
  • Make a video montage! Record family and friends talking about their favorite moments and memories of your grandma and give it to her.

We here at VANTAGE Aging have gorgeous grandmas (and grandpas!) at the core of our mission. From keeping grandma (and her pet!) healthy and fed to providing simple supports to allow grandma to age in place at home, helping grandma give back to her community or getting grandma essential job skills and employment to keep her independent, there are endless ways we can help support the lives and independence of all of the gorgeous grandmas in your life. To all gorgeous grandmas everywhere, Happy Gorgeous Grandma Day!

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