What is AmeriCorps Seniors?

Summing up AmeriCorps Seniors isn’t easy. That’s because across America, volunteers age 55 and older are making an incredible impact in their communities through schools, food banks, environmental initiatives, and so much more.

AmeriCorps Seniors is the nation’s largest volunteer network for seniors who want to serve their community. We’re going to talk about what it means to join AmeriCorps Seniors, what AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers do, and how you can get started in your neighborhood.

What is AmeriCorps Seniors?

AmeriCorps Seniors is a network of national service programs for Americans 55 years and older. It is made up of three primary programs that each take a different approach to improving lives and fostering civic engagement.

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers commit their time to address critical community needs including academic tutoring and mentoring, elderly care, disaster relief support, and more.

What do AmeriCorps Seniors do?

AmeriCorps Seniors connects more than 200,000 Americans to service opportunities in their communities. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers use their acquired skills, knowledge, and experience to make a difference to individuals, nonprofits, and faith-based and other community organizations throughout the United States.

Here are just a few examples of how AmeriCorps Seniors make an impact every day.

  • Tutor and mentor students
  • Help elderly seniors stay independent and remain in their homes
  • Provide a break to caregivers and families
  • Provide friendship and companionship
  • Help veterans find jobs
  • Rebuild after disasters
  • Provide free tax services
  • Clean up parks and address environmental issues

Why should someone be an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer?

There are many reasons to volunteer, but why join a corps to serve your community? AmeriCorps Seniors offers the opportunity to make our people safer, stronger, and healthier. It’s also a chance to strengthen our communities and to get things done for America.

AmeriCorps Seniors is a great way to meet new friends and bond with a spouse. It also helps you discover new interests and skills. There are many mental and physical health benefits for those who choose to volunteer as well.

By joining AmeriCorps Seniors, you contribute to a national impact right in your backyard while often receiving extra perks, such as secondary liability insurance on your vehicle and recognition gifts. It can also help you find remote and at-home opportunities to stay safe from the coronavirus.

Does VANTAGE Aging offer an AmeriCorps Seniors program?

VANTAGE Aging offers one of the three AmeriCorps Seniors programs – the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. RSVP connects volunteers age 55 and older to service opportunities in their communities.

By joining the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, you can learn about volunteer opportunities that match your interests, location, and availability. There are several at-home opportunities available, including the Telecare phone check-in program, making greeting cards, and more.

VANTAGE provides RSVP in seven Ohio counties, including Summit, Medina, Wayne, Geauga, Delaware, Franklin, and Hamilton. You can learn more by calling 330-618-0004, or you can get started with an online application today.

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