Social Ventures and Private Pay

VANTAGE Social Ventures include Encore Staffing Network, Cleaners for a Cause, and Rental Space options. Socially responsible business models designed to support our mission. By providing income-generating opportunities at VANTAGE Aging, we can meet the needs of older adults wishing to age at home. Earned income from our various businesses is reinvested into our mission, allowing VANTAGE to be sustainable over the long-term.

In addition to our Social Ventures, you will find the option to Private Pay for many of our programs and services.  We can often customize a fee schedule based on your income.

If you are currently outsourcing staffing, janitorial and cleaning services, catering or home care, consider fulfilling your personal or business needs through VANTAGE Aging’s Social Ventures or Private Pay programs. 

Social Enterprise infographic

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