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I’m feeling tired, lonely, and sad. My children are worried that I am drinking too much since my spouse passed away, can you help me?

Behavioral Health Solutions offers individual and group counseling. Our licensed counselors can see you regarding the loss of your husband and assist you regarding your alcohol use. We have groups available to provide you with support and help with loneliness.

I recently moved back to Akron to be close to my daughter. I am in recovery and would like to connect with a support group. I also need assistance with transportation, food, and housekeeping. Can you help?

Behavioral Health Solutions offers many recovery groups that will meet your needs.  Our licensed case managers can connect you with needed community resources to make sure you are able to maintain the independence you desire.  VANTAGE Aging has a homemaker services program to assist you with housekeeping.  Our case manager can connect you with that service.

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VANTAGE Aging is a contract agency of the County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board.

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