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Receive the help and encouragement you need to successfully age in place and meet your recovery goals.

One of the challenges of aging is coping with mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression.  While the physical process of aging is not necessarily the cause of mental illness, psychosocial factors such as loss of a loved one, changes in financial stability due to retirement, and facing our own mortality can cause emotional distress.

In addition, substance use disorders are often difficult to diagnose in older people as symptoms can be masked by existing physical conditions, such as dementia, depression or even diabetes. There is a greater risk of harmful interactions caused by mixing medications with alcohol or other drugs.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Group Counseling Program)

Receive the help and encouragement you need to successfully age in place.

lOP is an Intensive Outpatient Group Counseling program that serves those over 50 who are on the road to recovery from substance abuse. It is an 8-week program that meets four times a week. During this program, several topics are covered, which include: Addiction as a Disease, Emotions, Defense Mechanisms, Anger, Family, Communication, End of Life, Health/Nutrition/Sleep, Stress Management, Sexuality, Aging, Spirituality, Forgiveness, Relapse Prevention and the 12-Steps. The group is primarily comprised of psycho-education and discussion, along with some video material and art therapy techniques. Lunch and snacks provided by VANTAGE Meals on Wheels, are served every group. If you, or someone you know, is ready to work on their recovery, this group is for you!

Women’s Connection

Connect with a group specifically geared towards mature women. 

Women’s Connection aims to advance the well-being of mature women by improving communication and establishing more satisfying relationships with others and self. Women are provided an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded women, share successes and struggles, and support one another. Women’s Connection explores topics such as cultural oppressive standards, healthy living, self-awareness, and empowerment, enabling women to develop greater awareness and insight into their already wonderful selves.

Discovery Group

Share experiences with peers to gain a better understanding of yourself.

Discovery Group is a safe place for people to come together with others to share experiences, struggles, and concerns. Individuals learn with and from one another and gain a better understanding of one’s own situation. Together, men and women address feelings such as isolation, anxiety, and depression. Discovery Group helps individuals learn about themselves and improve interpersonal relationships, enabling them to make significant changes and feel better about the quality of their life.

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New Beginnings

Explore the impact of addictions and work towards better self-care. 

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New Beginnings is a holistic self-care discussion group. The purpose for this group is to prepare and come to terms with one’s self and the journey towards sobriety. We explore the impact their addiction on their ability to be sober. Some of the topics of discussion are:

  • Cycles of change
  • Reason for using
  • Why decide to stop
  • Resolutions to the problem
  • Gain insight regarding their usage

Silver Foxes

Join in on the conversation about reaching recovery goals.

Silver Foxes is an open discussion where group members continue to inspire each other to remain actively engaged in recovery.

Outreach and Prevention Programs

Explore healthier life choices with prevention, education, and outreach.

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  • Mental health prevention and education
  • Brown Bag Medication Review Program
  • Professional training

Wrap-Around Services

We can provide more than just counseling.

At VANTAGE, our goal is to provide wrap-around services to our clients to be sure they are receiving all of the services they need.  Becoming a client in one program will also provide you with the access to other services that will support your desire to age in place.  These may include Meals on Wheels, non-medical care from Home Wellness Solutions, access to the TeleCare program from RSVP to prevent social isolation, and paid, on-the-job training from Workforce Solutions

New Groups in June

Wellness and Recovery for Women

Engage on topics that provide a positive perspective on self-worth.

Goal – to improve women’s perspectives of their own value – many are consumed with taking care of family or work and lose sight of their own intrinsic value.

Topics include:

  • Building a positive regard
  • Creating an emotional emergency first aid kit
  • Accepting your mistakes and moving forward
  • Asking and giving forgiveness
  • The importance of dreaming
  • Keeping joy in your life
  • The value of tunnel vision
  • Garden of your mind

Trauma and Recovery

Gain the tools to move forward after a traumatic life event.

Have you experienced an event or situation that has left you feeling helpless, hopeless, and in fear for your safety or survival? This group will explore the impact trauma has on your life and give you the tools you need to improve the quality of your life.

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